Around 18% of American parents stay home to watch their kids on a full-time basis. If you're a stay-at-home parent, then this can be stressful for your household, as there's only 1 income coming from your partner.

To try and help your significant other, improve your quality of life, or to feed your entrepreneurial spirit, you may have considered looking into a side business for stay-at-home parents. One good idea may be virtual bookkeeping jobs.

What is virtual bookkeeping? It's where you offer remote financial recording services for other companies. But unlike a traditional bookkeeper, virtual bookkeeping doesn’t require you to go into an office and it let’s you be your own boss.

Are you interested in learning more? Then read on to learn why this business can be the perfect job for stay-at-home parents.

How Much Do At-Home Bookkeepers Make?

First off: how much do virtual bookkeepers make? Well, it really depends on a few factors.

Obviously, the rate you set and the clients agree to will make a significant difference. The amount of time you can devote to this side business will factor in greatly as well. So you can earn anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars a month.

Compare this to a regular bookkeeper, who makes anywhere between $12.21 to $25.50 an hour. This means you can easily make around the same amount from home.

Now, let's explore the reasons why this job is great for stay-at-home parents.

No Experience Needed

You may be worried that you need prior experience to do this job, but bookkeeping for a stay-at-home parent is very easy to get into. For virtual bookkeeping jobs, no experience is needed!

While you don't need prior experience, you do need to invest some time into training. You can easily find courses online so you can learn all the basics and jump into it.

It Isn't a Lot to Set Up

Being a virtual bookkeeper doesn't require much to set up. All you need for this opportunity are high-speed internet, a decent desktop computer (or laptop), and cloud-based software applications.

As you can see, this isn't a lot of things you'll need to acquire. In addition, they don't cost much either, which means you'll definitely see all this pay for itself in no time after you've set up your virtual bookkeeping business.

You Make Your Own Hours

The hardest part about working from home is your kids are unpredictable. While they may be angels one day, they may be complete devils on the next. Obviously, this can greatly impact your productivity.

One of the best things about a virtual bookkeeping franchise for a stay-at-home parent is you can work whenever you want. All you need to do is make sure you get the jobs done!

Get Into Virtual Bookkeeping Today

As you can see, virtual bookkeeping can be a great way to make some good money while staying at home with your kids.

With BooXkeeping, you can easily get into a virtual bookkeeping franchise opportunity. You'll get all the perks of franchising, all from the comfort of your home.

Are you interested in hearing more about our home-based franchise for bookkeeping? Then get in touch with us and see if owning your own BooXkeeping Franchise is the right fit.