It’s no secret that our U.S. Military veterans are hard-working, devoted individuals. Did you know that veterans own more than 2.4 million or 9% of American businesses? Additionally, one in every seven franchises is owned by a veteran.

Franchises are a popular choice for veterans since most of the business framework is already in place, and the new owner only has to step in and use their many skills to make it succeed. For veterans just stepping back into the civilian world or a military spouse ready to start something new, this is the perfect situation to build your future!

Have you been wondering why veterans make great franchise owners? If so, this article is a must-read!

Why Veterans Make Great Franchise Owners

There are many skills learned in the military that are perfect for veteran franchise owners. The armed forces train individuals to operate under a particular set of rules and work towards the greater good of their organization. But what are the specific reasons veteran franchise ownership works so well?

Reason 1: Easy to Train

Veterans are used to having to learn and master different operations and procedures. They understand the importance of adopting the corporate culture and exceed customer service standards. They have been through rigorous training experiences and are familiar with learning different drills and operations.

Reason 2: They Understand the Big Picture

As people who devoted themselves to protecting their country, veterans know that there is always a bigger picture and the role they play in filling it. A business will have its share of ups and downs, but overcoming challenges is not something a veteran will avoid.

Reason 3: Following Systems & Rules

When it comes to owning a franchise, it’s crucial to maintain consistent quality across all businesses to maintain customer loyalty. Veterans understand how to follow systems and operate under a chain-of-command.

Reason 4: Committed and Hard Working

Military members are trained to be committed to their work and work hard to achieve their collective goals. Each person knows they have to do their part to meet the objective, and they don’t give up until it’s done!

Reason 5: Leadership

Most veterans experience a few promotions or rank advancements during their enlistments, which means they are used to leading a group of people. They are used to managing people and situations to make sure things go to plan.

Veteran Franchise Opportunities

So, how do you choose the right veteran franchise opportunity? Ideally, the opportunity should be in line with skills you’re familiar with or something you would be comfortable doing for the long haul.

Franchises for veterans, like bookkeeping opportunities, are something you can stick with for the rest of your professional career and build on for years to come. 

Where to Start

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