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We spend our lives working towards a comfortable retirement, but sometimes you get the feeling it's not all it's cracked up to be. All the spare time and freedom are wonderful, but a bit of work to spend your extra time on and earn an extra income would be nice. On the other hand, quitting your retirement and returning to full-time work might be impossible or more of a commitment than you want. You can have the best of both worlds when you start a business in retirement, and there's no better choice than a BooXkeeping franchise.

Bookkeeping Franchises for Retirees

Bookkeeping is one of the best choices for a retiree seeking self-employment. While past experience in accounting will make it easier, anyone can start a bookkeeping company on their own and enjoy the benefits of being their own boss. 

Work From Home

Modern bookkeeping technology means you no longer need a brick and mortar location to run your business. You can operate from the comfort of your own home and turn a spare bedroom or a corner of the living room into your perfect office. That's not where the freedom entailed with this choice of unretirement ends, either.

Set Your Own Hours

Bookkeeping is highly flexible, as you have a lot of room to control the amount of work you take on. Rather than having to spend a certain number of hours at the office, you'll do an amount of work you feel comfortable with. The business model and potential income also supports the possibility of hiring a few employees to help you, which will leave you with extra leeway. 

Why BooXkeeping

You could start your own bookkeeping business from scratch, but here at BooXkeeping, we've built our brand by turning interested individuals into successful bookkeeping experts. The myriad of benefits that come with your status as a franchisee are invaluable.

Work with a Reputable Brand

Marketing and getting your name out are major hurdles for any new business. When you open a BooXkeeping franchise, you benefit from our name recognition and connections. Opening a business is always a challenge, but our support makes the process seamless.

A Supportive Team

We provide new team members with our first-rate bookkeeping technology, as well as training so you're ready to succeed in the industry. We've guided countless new members of the BooXkeeping team through certification, launching their business, and gaining their first clients, and you'll enjoy the full benefit of our amassed expertise. 

Become the Newest Member of the BooXkeeping Family

Whether you feel that you need to boost your income or you just miss work, a franchise for retirees allows you to balance the freedom of retirement with the routine comfort of working. Contact us to learn more about starting your own franchise.