be your own boss

Twenty-five percent of American adults experienced job loss in 2020, whether they lost their own position or had someone in their household laid off. Perhaps the same happened to you, and you're tired of feeling like an expendable part of the workforce. 

There's one surefire way to ensure your company keeps you around for good: start a business of your own. Here are the signs that it's time to be your own boss—and what you can do to make your dream a reality.

1. You've Always Wanted to Be Your Own Boss

Every time you're frustrated at work or laid off from a job, your mind wanders back to the idea of owning a business or starting a franchise. Perhaps you convince yourself that it'd be too expensive or time-consuming, so you return to a corporate job in someone else's company. 

Still, the thought always sits at the back of your mind, and that's a sign that you should go for it. You have the drive to be your own boss—now, it's time to make it a reality.

2. You Feel Trapped or Stagnant at Work

Today's employees want to work toward something—they want a job with a purpose. Perhaps that means working for a company with a mission in which they believe. For others, it's most important to have mobility and chances to grow while on the job. 

Your position doesn't provide you with these chances, though. Instead, you feel stagnant because you're not moving up or moving toward something. 

If you start your own business, though, you're constantly achieving goals and climbing the ladder. You get the chance to do so because you're at the helm. As you grow your company or franchise, it's you who grows and succeeds—not someone else.

3. You Have the Tools to Start a Business

Perhaps you have a vision of what kind of job you want to pursue on your own. Even if you don't, there are ways to set out solo and start a fruitful business venture. 

Franchising is the perfect way to work for yourself without gambling it all on a business idea you have. And that's our business proposal to you—achieve the freedom, control, and security you seek by starting a BooXkeeping Franchise

We provide our franchisees with the training they need to helm a bookkeeping business. We also provide solid support throughout the business-building process. We'll help you grow your territory, market your company, and more.

And we welcome entrepreneurs of all ages and at all stages in their careers to join the BooXkeeping team. It's the perfect step for recent graduates in accounting. But it'd also suit a retiree who wants to keep a part-time gig, too. 

Own a Franchise and Stay in Control

When you choose to be your own boss, you take the reins of your career. No longer are the decisions up to someone else—you're in charge, and that is a reassuring feeling. 

So, click here to learn more about starting your own BooXkeeping franchise. You'll get the security of working for an established brand, but you're the boss of your franchise. It's a win-win, and we hope you'll join us.