If you're a military spouse and you're looking for resources for entrepreneurship, you've come to the right page. We understand that life in the military can be difficult, it isn't always full of adventure and enjoyment. It gets tough and requires sacrifice and self-reliance. Finding a job isn't easy and starting a business is even harder.

However, we've got your back - We've put together this list of resources for military spouse entrepreneurs so that we can help you achieve your goals!

Let's get started -

Military Spouse Resources

Here is a complete list of amazing military spouse resources you need to take advantage of if you want to be an entrepreneur. 


BooXkeeping Franchise

A nationwide and military-friendly franchise, BooXkeeping offers franchises for military spouses and veterans. Through our program, you can become an independent bookkeeper and run your own business.

We offer a huge discount for military spouses and veterans who have been honorably discharged. Spouses of active military members can take advantage of this opportunity no matter where they are stationed in the U.S. or around the world and there is no requirement to relocate because a BooXkeeping franchise can be run as a stay-at-home business!

Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

V-WISE is a business program that is offered for both military spouses and veteran women. It's a program that helps women identify their ambitions and then provide them with the skills necessary to achieve them. 

V-WISE also offers free training, extended mentorship, and support throughout the whole process. This is a complete training program that will help any woman attain her business goals. 

Women's Business Center

What better way to grow a business than to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. WBC allows you to connect with experienced mentors and military spouses that run their own businesses. 

They offer mentorship and guidance for military spouses that are looking to start and grow their own business. 

Syracuse University Institute

The university has a complete entrepreneurial boot camp that is dedicated to helping both veterans and military spouses. The boot camp provides both onsite and online educational studies for entrepreneurship. 

The boot camp is free of cost to family members with the post 9/11 bill. 

Additional Entrepreneur Resources

Whether you're a military spouse home-based franchise or just looking to start a new business, we've put together some additional free resources to take advantage of -

Freee Up

The Freee Up platform connecting business owners with freelancers. If you already have a skill set, then you can offer your services on the platform. It's completely free to sign up and you can work completely remotely. 


If you're already running a business or just starting, Calendly is a free resource for scheduling appointments. It integrated with other calendars and your phone, making scheduling a breeze. 


A free design platform, The Canva platform is great for social media managers, graphic designers, or anyone that needs to create something digitally. 

Calling All Military Spouse Entrepreneurs

This is your quick guide to resources for military spouse entrepreneurs. Start taking advantage of these great resources and make your dreams of business ownership a reality. 

If you're a military spouse and want to be your own boss, head over to our website and learn about becoming a BooXkeeping franchise owner.