booxkeeping franchise for e 2 visa

If you're seeking an E-2 Visa, you might want to consider investing in a Bookkeeping (also known as BooXkeeping) Franchise. There are two reasons that investing in a bookkeeping franchise is a lucrative and beneficial move to make. The first reason is investing in a BooXkeeping Franchise is a competitive, virtual, or remote investment and career opportunity.

The second reason is that by investing in a bookkeeping franchise, you're able to apply for a streamlined E-2 Visa in the United States. It is the perfect merger between having a lucrative investment that pays off not only in financial growth but also in admittance into the United States as a business franchise owner. The E-2 Visa is known as the Investor Visa because it is your investment that provides entry into the United States to work and live.

Read on if you're considering investing in a franchise that provides a lucrative future with unlimited opportunities. At the same time, it offers potential E-2 Visa applicants a way to qualify and streamline their E-2 Visa application.

What is an E-2 Visa?

The U.S. federal government defines the E-2 (Investor) Visa is a Visa that is provided to an investor, partnership, or corporate entity that is from a treaty country. The investment has to be at least 50% of the substantive business value. It must also be an investment that has irrevocable and committed assets that help ensure the company's successful future.

More importantly, the investment must result in an entrepreneurial or active commercial business that is a real operating entity. The U.S. will review the investment to ensure it's providing you with a revenue source that can help provide a living to you and your family. You, your partner, or the corporation's designated company person must have control over the funds. 

That's because the investment not only provides you with operational and day-to-day living funds but also helps make a positive impact on the U.S. economy. However, for the funding to meet the definition of the investment term, there must be a risk involved in the commercial venture in some way, shape, or form. The above isn't all the criteria needed to apply for The E-2 Visa, but you have to have at least these line items detailed and provided if you want to begin your E-2 Visa application to gain entry into the U.S.  

BooXKeeping Franchise

By investing in a BooXkeeping franchise, you are joining a 5.2 billion dollar industry that continues to grow and develop. It currently has a Compound Annual Growth Rates (CAGR) of 3.5%. This is a very lucrative remote, office, or home-based franchise business that usually has a split of ten different subsection categories.

BooXKeeping Franchise Subsection Category Listings

Many of the below subsection categories merge, and your business will offer more than one of the ones listed. They include but aren't limited to;

  1. Your bookkeeping can offer a subsection dealing with accounts payable services
  2. Your bookkeeping can offer a subsection dealing with inventory audit and costs
  3. Your bookkeeping can offer a subsection dealing with loans payable
  4. Your bookkeeping can offer a subsection dealing with accounts receivable services
  5. Your bookkeeping can offer a subsection dealing with payroll expenses and payroll record keeping
  6. Your bookkeeping can offer a subsection dealing with sales and incoming revenue
  7. Your bookkeeping can offer a subsection dealing with cash accrual
  8. Your bookkeeping can offer a subsection dealing with equity services
  9. Your bookkeeping can offer a subsection dealing with retained earnings
  10. Your bookkeeping segment can offer a subsection dealing with the cost of goods and purchases

There's no doubt your BooXkeeping franchise service has a variety of different bookkeeping tasks and deliverables it can offer customers. The one constant from one BooXkeeping franchise to another Booxkeeping franchise and that is many business owners either can't or won't perform the data and accounting services needed that a good bookkeeper provides them. That's why it's a win-win combination for new BooXkeeping franchise owners.

BooXkeeping Franchise Business Operational Tasks

The industry bookkeeping subsections you're going to provide as a BooXkeeping Franchise owner allows you to integrate your franchise into a very competitive and thriving industry. Because the subsection bookkeeping tasks listed above are so needed by small, medium, and even sometimes large corporations, you have unlimited potential in growing and expanding your business. Your day-to-day operational tasks have five umbrella accounts that oversights every bookkeeping task your franchise provides. 

#1 Income or Revenue

The income or revenue of your customer accounts is defined by how much money they earned through sales.

#2 Expenditure or Expenses

The expenditures or expenses of your customer accounts are defined by how much cash flowed out of business and paid for a product, item, service, or human resource expense.

#3 Liabilities

The liabilities of your customer accounts are business debts they owe and the obligations they have like loans or accounts payable.

#4 Assets

The assets your customer accounts will reveal are line items such as cash on hand, resources the business owns, accounts receivable, or even inventory your customer purchased.

#5 Equity

The equity your customers may have is determined through the value of their liabilities which is subtracted from their assets. This is the figure that determines the customer's equity in their business like stock, retained earnings, and more.

BooXkeeping Franchise and E-2 Visa Applications

There are many reasons that a BooXKeeping franchise has a competitive advantage when combined with an E-2 Visa application. The main advantage is while there are legal requirements that surround E-2 applications, your best investment needs to be one that offers you flexibility and freedom with lucrative financial returns. 

Skilled Bookkeeping Tasks Needed

The skilled bookkeeping tasks you'll be offering your customers include, but aren't limited to;

  • Management of their general operational ledger
  • Reconciliation of their bank and business credit cards
  • Daily data entry although some businesses request data entry on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Creating a customized account and reporting charts 
  • Sales tax forms and reporting
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Payroll and payroll reports, and more

The E-2 Visa application does have a hard-fast requirement that if you are coming to the U.S. for your investment business, it must be to develop and direct the enterprise. Most of the time, E-2 Visa applications are applied for by the principal investor, but sometimes it can be an essential employee that's considered highly specialized or of a supervisory position. 

Business Opportunities for E-2 Visa Holders

No matter what franchise or business opportunity you decide to move forward with for your E-2 Visa application, it's vital you seek the assistance of an immigration attorney. While BooXkeeping Franchise can offer you a list of reasons why the BooXkeeping franchise is so beneficial for you, there is no legal advice offered through this website. But BooXkeeping does offer you four primary criteria that are offered through the franchise opportunity that provides excellent results and unlimited future potential.

#1 Your Own Territory

When you want to invest in a franchise opportunity, and it's your money on the line, you want to know the parent company has your E-2 Visa application and business success as their top priority. BooXkeeping franchise provides a way for you to not only learn about your potential competitors but also ascertain how you can grow your target customer market. They will designate an area with a population of at least 500,000 and will work with you on selected from the available territories. 

#2 Stellar Marketing and Support 

The marketing that BooXkeeping provides is stellar in both the support team that works with you and the team's expertise in growing your business branding and territory. Everything from social media to business website SEO, sales scripts, and landing pages is offered towards the success of your franchise investment.

#3 Teamwork 

Your E-2 Visa application is part of the teamwork framework that the BooXkeeping franchise operates. It is to BooXkeeping and your investment portfolio to be successful, which is why teamwork is such an essential component of BooXkeeping's operational philosophy.

#4 Exemplary Knowledge-Base

Finally, the BooXkeeping franchise offers a University that helps our investment franchise owners through a detailed and exemplary onsite and offsite curriculum. There's nothing that can guarantee your success as a franchise owner. Still, BooXkeeping does everything they can to provide the proven techniques and knowledge you need to have a successful investment venture.

E-2 Visa Friendly Franchises

When you're looking for an E-2 Visa Friendly Franchise that will meet E-2 Visa criteria and provide you with business growth that correlates with a healthy financial return, BooXkeeping is a smart way to start. When you use a franchise to handle your E-2 Visa investment, you already have a lot working in your favor. 

Franchises usually have to go through a lot of regulations to prove they are legitimate businesses. Besides, you get the added benefit of having the training, support, and targeted geographical territory. As a prime and central investor, you're able to provide your E-2 Visa application with a credibility factor that may start-up businesses don't have. Not only are you giving your E-2 Visa application beneficial attributes, but you're also giving yourself maximum optimization of success based on starting with the right franchise opportunity with BooXkeeping. 

One of the most beneficial assets you receive through a BooXkeeping franchise is if and when you decide to sell your business, you can return to your home country with profit in your account. You should be able to sell your business at a higher sale price than any independent business you would have purchased. 

The E-2 Visa Application Administrative Process

It's essential to know regardless of what start-up business or franchise you're investing in is that the E-2 Visa has an administrative process that lets you know from the beginning there are only two ways your E-2 Visa application can go. One is that the consular officer will give you the E-2 Visa or the consular officer will refuse to issue you the Visa. There are times an E-2 Visa application requires further administrative processing.

When that happens, the consular officer will process what they need the additional time for and will then be able to determine if the applicant is eligible. It's always good to apply in advance of when you want to travel because the process can take a few months from start to finish. 

Your Next Step for an E-2 Visa and BooXkeeping Franchise

E-2 Visas and BooXkeeping franchises go together very well. With more and more people looking to invest in a small business, this is one way you help better your chances with business success while you go through the E-2 Visa application steps. The freelance market is booming right now, and if you add in those who are now working remotely by choice, the market will continue to grow and develop.

If you’ve been waiting to apply for your E-2 Visa until you found what you were looking for with business investment you can believe in - now is the time to reach out to BooXkeeping Franchise. Being able to start with a BooXkeeping Franchise that works well with the E-2 Visa process is an extra benefit to you. Almost 90% of start-up businesses fail, but stable and steady franchises have a better success rate. 

That’s why when you are ready to set your investment goals or geographical location or any other factor you’re evaluating; it’s important to remember that BooXkeeping franchise works with you every step of the way. They’ll answer every question you have and address any concern you want to go over. BooXkeeping Franchise offers you the stability you want with the success rates you need. To learn more about the BooXkeeping Franchise process, visit us online or call (855) 935-2669.