bookkeeping business on the go

What job position does every business need? Small, medium, or large...every business needs someone to keep the books. 

Many bookkeepers are reaching retirement age and fewer and fewer young people are entering the field. This trend means that companies will scramble to fill the bookkeeper position in the next few years. 

Have you asked yourself the question, "How do I become a bookkeeper from home"? Do you possess decent math and organizational skills? Bookkeeping might be right up your alley. 

There are several different benefits of running a remote bookkeeping business. Stick with us to learn more about an on-the-go bookkeeping business. 

How to be a Bookkeeper From Home 

Running a remote business as a virtual bookkeeper is one of the top 20 side hustles in 2020. Let's look at how to do it and the benefits involved. 

1. Work From Anywhere

Do you want the flexibility and the freedom to travel or be available for your children while still being able to receive a paycheck? Working as a remote bookkeeper is easier than ever. 

With so many people working from home, companies are more willing to employ a remote bookkeeper. 

2. Experience or No Experience? 

Whether you have experience working in a financial or money-related job or not, you can learn to be a bookkeeper. It is not the same as an accounting job where you need to analyze data. 

A bookkeeper processes and records financial transactions, handles payroll, and establishes accounts. 

3. Register Your Business 

When handling someone else's money, it is important to register as a business. Become an LLC (Limited Liability Company) so you are protected and not personally liable if someone sues your business. 

Fees and qualifications vary from state to state. 

4. Get Insurance 

Protect yourself even further with business liability coverage, professional liability coverage, valuable papers and records coverage, and data breach coverage, to name a few. 

You'll have access to a company's private and sensitive data. You want to be protected in the event that you make a mistake or some sort of data breach occurs. 

5. Create a Website 

Creating a website allows businesses from all over to find you. Make sure your website looks professional and aesthetically appealing. 

It also needs to be functional. It should tell potential clients everything they need to know about your services, experience, how you are different from the competition, and a way to contact you.

6. Access to Files 

When working on the go, your software and cloud storage are of the utmost importance. You need to be able to access anything you need to get the job done. 

Research the available options and choose the one that's best for you. 

Bookkeeping Business

Now that you know how to run a bookkeeping business on the go, are you ready to get started? 

We at BooXkeeping can advise you on starting a bookkeeping business with no experience. We offer franchise opportunities that allow you the option to deliver quality bookkeeping solutions to small businesses from your home or on the go. 

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