Will I need employees?

It’s entirely up to you. In alignment with industry standards, you can do all the work yourself or hire a couple of employees. You can also select from a pool of trained bookkeepers with whom we can connect you. The scale of your business will determine how much help is absolutely necessary so this can vary from location.

What are the Franchise Fee and Royalty Fee?

Franchise fee is $29,995 with a 10% royalty fee required on all monthly gross revenue.

Are there any required certifications?

At this time there are no prior certifications necessary. However, once you become a franchisee you would have to go through industry certifications, but we will be there to hold your hand! We will teach you everything you need to know about operating a successful franchise. Experience and business acumen will be evaluated.

Who are good clients for my franchise?

Small businesses with zero to ten employees are ideal candidates to become clients of BooXkeeping.

What if I already have a bookkeeping business?

In this case your franchise fee will be discounted to $19,995, and there will be a grace period of 0% royalties on your existing clients. The discounted franchise fee will also apply to CPA firms looking to have “turnkey” bookkeeping departments built.

What is it like to be a BooXkeeping franchisee?

As a franchise owner you join an established team that includes branding, systems, procedures, training, and access to qualified labor to make the role of the franchisee more stream-lined and efficient.

Any other questions